dreamstime_xxl_11263099September can be a lovely time of year, as can October if it doesn’t get too cold. But once October is over, you’ll want to make sure to get ready for winter. While this once meant cutting your own firewood and canning fruits and veggies to get your through the winter, all you have to do today is call your local handyman!

So, what are some of the most common pre-winter chores that a handyman can help with? Let’s take a look.

Furnace Repair and Cleaning

Do you know if your furnace is going to work the first time you turn it on late this fall? Have your furnace cleaned by a handyman and you’ll also be sure that it’s in good condition to keep you warm through the winter. And speaking of heating…

Get Plastic On Your Windows

So much of your heat can escape through your windows and along the window seals. The best way to prevent that heat from escaping is to put heat-shrinking plastic over your windows to prevent heat loss.

Sprinkler Blow Outs

If you have a sprinkler system, it’s incredibly important to have them blown out around this time of year. Once the grass begins to go dormant, contact Home Maintenance Solutions and we’ll blow out your sprinklers. Otherwise there’s a 99% chance that the pressure valve will break and cause the need for costly repairs.

Fall Landscape Maintenance

Do you need bushes trimmed, leaves raked, and plants surrounded with mulch? How about winter trimming of our trees? Our handyman services will get your yard ready for winter.

Home Maintenance solutions will get you ready for winter. Contact us today for any of your handyman needs!

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