1. The Weather Will Be Getting Cold Soon. How Can Your Local Handyman Help?

    September can be a lovely time of year, as can October if it doesn’t get too cold. But once October is over, you’ll want to make sure to get ready for winter. While this once meant cutting your own firewood and canning fruits and veggies to get your through the winter, all you have to do today is call your local handyman! So, what are some of the most common pre-winter chores that a handyman c…Read More

  2. 4 Interesting Handyman Services You Might Not Associate With Handymen

    When most people think of handyman services, they think of the most obvious tasks that handymen are known to perform: plumbing, furnace repair, fixing a faulty light switch. But handymen can take care of many unique task that aren’t usually associated with our services. Let’s take a look at them. Furniture Assembly Did you just have an Ikea table delivered and have no idea how to put it togeth…Read More

  3. Calling a Handyman Before You Sell Your Home Can Seriously Increase Its Value

      You might be thinking “why spruce up my home just to pass those improvements on to someone else?” Well, if you’re thinking about selling your home anytime soon, a simple call to a handyman can increase the amount that you can ask for, and get, for you home. Is it really worth it? Here are some convincing arguments. A Handyman Can See Things You Can’t No matter how nice your home, people…Read More

  4. Just a Few Of The Things A Handyman Can Handle

    We’ve already talked about the very specific trades that Home Maintenance Solutions has at its disposal in order to help you out. For instance, we wrote about the work that our electricians, plumber, and HVAC experts can help you with. But what about more general stuff? The handyman services that HMS offers run the gamut projects that you need done around the house. Here are are just a few of th…Read More

  5. 3 Reasons You Should Be Careful to Hire The Right Handyman

      If you do a google search, you’ll probably find a few people in the area offering handyman services. Or you might have heard from a friend about someone they recently used, and they seemed to “get the job done.” You’ve got to be careful when looking for a handyman, though, because we’re not all created equal. Hiring the wrong person can get you into big trouble and invite some big…Read More

  6. Welcome To Home Maintenance Solutions, So Much More Than Just A Handyman!

      Welcome to the new Home Maintenance Solutions web site! HMS was formed in order to give the people of Bedford, Bedford Hills, and the surrounding area a simple way to check all of their home repair and home improvements off their to-do list. Because we handle so many different property maintenance projects, we’ve been called a handyman service before. And while we do offer everything that…Read More