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4 Interesting Handyman Services You Might Not Associate With Handymen

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4 Interesting Handyman Services You Might Not Associate With Handymen

dreamstime_xxl_20857791When most people think of handyman services, they think of the most obvious tasks that handymen are known to perform: plumbing, furnace repair, fixing a faulty light switch. But handymen can take care of many unique task that aren’t usually associated with our services. Let’s take a look at them.

Furniture Assembly

Did you just have an Ikea table delivered and have no idea how to put it together? We can help! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve ordered a Norrviken, Dagstorp, Pysslingar, Düdlemunch, or Norrora, we can hang it, assemble it, or move it around the room until you find the perfect place for it.

Snow Removal

Not everything a handyman does has to be home improvements. We can also take care of your snow removal, whether that means clearing your driveway, scooping off your steps, or putting down ice melt so that your property is a safer place to walk and drive.

Landscape Design and Maintenance

Much like snow removal, we can take care of your tasks outside the house as well as in. We’ll help you design and maintain your lawn so that it becomes a place you’ll love to relax. This includes plant selection, planting, pruning, mowing, and creating pathways with concrete or stone.

Tile and Grout Replacementhandyman 1

You’ll never realize how good your kitchen sink can look until you have your grout replaced! (Also, your shower is looking pretty bad too.) You’re tile could probably use a good buffing, too.

Do you have a strange project and you’re not sure who to call? We’ll bet we can take care of it, or know who can. It can’t hurt to contact your local handyman!

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