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Calling a Handyman Before You Sell Your Home Can Seriously Increase Its Value

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Calling a Handyman Before You Sell Your Home Can Seriously Increase Its Value

dreamstime_xxl_3202905You might be thinking “why spruce up my home just to pass those improvements on to someone else?” Well, if you’re thinking about selling your home anytime soon, a simple call to a handyman can increase the amount that you can ask for, and get, for you home.

Is it really worth it? Here are some convincing arguments.

A Handyman Can See Things You Can’t

No matter how nice your home, people who stop by are always going to notice things that you don’t. Perhaps you’ve just come to live with some minor annoyance, or maybe you’ve lived with it so long that you can’t even see it anymore. Friends certainly aren’t going to mention it for fear of being rude.

A handyman has no problems pointing out these problems! While we certainly won’t be rude about it, we’ll be sure to ask you if you want that second light fixture in the garage fixed (brighter spaces attract buyers) or if you’d like your counter sanded and refinished (the kitchen is the most influential room in most home-buying decisions). Small, inexpensive fixes and touch-ups to your home can make it shine and make it more enticing to buyers.

Handyman Services Can Ask the Questions You Wouldn’t

A handyman is in and out of houses all over your town and knows what is and what isn’t normal for your living area. A small question like “how’s the plumbing?” can reveal a lot. While you might have been living with a slow toilet for years, a handyman can tell you that plumbing in your neighborhood is perfectly fine and that you might be the one in need of plumbing service. You might think that the problems your house has are normal, but a handyman might find problems that shouldn’t be there.

Once again, you might wonder why you’d want to fix something that you’ve been living perfectly well with. Well…

A Handyman Service Can Make the Sale Go Faster

You might have been living perfectly happy with the problems, but a certified home inspector might not. If a handyman notices that something is not up to code, he can fix it before you’re in the Handyman 1middle of a sale. Because if you’re in the middle of a sale and the home inspector finds something wrong with your home, it delays the sale and might make the potential buyers back out.

When selling a home, hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the line. A small final investment in your home could lead to big returns, so Isn’t it worth giving a handyman service a call to get a free consultation? We can make your home look better than ever to buyers!

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