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3 Reasons “One and Done” Is The Best Way To Take Care Of Your Home Maintenance

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3 Reasons “One and Done” Is The Best Way To Take Care Of Your Home Maintenance

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HMS was formed in order to give everyone in the Westchester County area a one-call solution to all of their home repair and improvement needs. At first you might think that you’ll take care of your home repair project by yourself, but we’d like to tell you why one phone call can make you a lot happier.

It Saves You Time: It doesn’t take a lot of math skills to realize that one call to Home Maintenance Solutions is going to take you less time than multiple calls to a carpenter, electrician, and gutter cleaner. “One and Done” will save you time on the phone and may well save the amount of time you have to schedule at home to let us in.

You’ll Check More Problems Off Your List: If you’re constantly tripping a fuse in our your living room because you’ve just upgraded your home theater, you know that it’s time to call an electrician. But if you simply call a residential electrician, that “fix shingle that blew off in last windstorm” that’s been on your list for months isn’t being taken care of. Neither is that “borrow tiller from Mike and till the garden” that needs to get done. When you have a one-call solution like HMS, you’ll be checking things off your list left and right.

It Ensures A Job Well Done: Here at HMS we’ve collected the absolute best technicians in the area, whether they’re plumbers, electricians, or HVAC experts. So as part of the HMS team, they know that they’re not just accountable to every customer they work for; they’re also accountable to every other person on the team, because they know that it’s up to them on each and every job to uphold the good name of Home Maintenance Solutions.

Home Maintenance Solutions wants to make it easy on all of our customers, and that’s why one call is all it takes to ensure the best in home improvement. Call us today at (914) 292-5355.

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